Wedding Ceremony

The Playhouse Theatre can host your ceremony and reception in one convenient package.

As your guests await your arrival under the shade of a weeping willow tree, you can drive right up to the back of our enchanting bridge still hidden from your guests by flax bushes.  Guests stand as the music starts and your ceremony begins.

Create perfect photos, with our garden, pond and rose bushes behind you. Expect fantastic blossoms during the Spring, lush greenery in Summer and beautiful colours in Autumn.

You are welcome to decorate the garden and bridge as you deem fit. In the past people have used: paper lanterns, fairy lights, drapes, and rose petals.

If the weather is dismal we do have a plan B option for you. The stage, directly in the restaurant is an excellent place to have a wet weather wedding. Our theatre lighting setup will make your special day look amazing and we are experts in transforming your ceremony area into the perfect reception room.

Also realise that if you are having an off-site ceremony you will be still entitled to come into The Playhouse Theatre from the agreed pack in time to decorate and set up. We do not open for lunch on your wedding day, the venue is 100 per cent yours for
the day.

Wedding rehearsals are encouraged and you are welcome to do so at any time.

We look forward to host you at the best Wedding Venue in Nelson.