Entertainment at The Playhouse

From solo artists to 10 piece bands, stand up comedians to one act plays, as a venue, we endeavour to provide entertainment throughout the year. During the height of the busy summer season we will have entertainment in many forms on almost a nightly basis.

As the colder seasons roll around we still have entertainment on most Friday and Saturday nights unless a private function has booked the Playhouse out for that evening. Throughout the year we have several annual events such as our boxing day backyard cricket day and Snowboarding competition in winter.

From day one we felt it important that The Playhouse have a real connection to the community surrounding us. We have a strong relationship with many schools in the area, allowing them to use the facility during the usual quiet weeknights. We also hold a Rockcamp for kids aged 9 to 14 during the July School holidays and a Filmcamp during the October break. Groups like the SPCA and Hospice also use the venue as a place to hold fundraising events which are always very popular.

Acts, groups, and private events deal directly with the Playhouse owner/manager Nic Roland on a personal level when booking, planning and performing/using the venue. We have on site accommodation and touring artists will often stay with us here at the venue